Boris Vallejo

Boris-VallejoBorn in Lima, Peru, Boris attended the National School of Fine Arts in his native country before immigrating to the United States in 1964.

He has since done a great volume of work for the fantasy field and is regarded as one of the greatest fantasy artists of our time!, Boris has worked for virtually every major publishing house with a science fiction/fantasy line. Boris has also illustrated for album covers, video box art and motion picture advertising and has designed the most recognizable art in his genre including “Tarzan”, “Conan” and the comic magazine “Heavy Metal”.

A master of his art, Boris knows exactly what to aim for in his paintings and takes an inventive and imaginative approach to everything he does.

Boris’s masterful vision unleashed itself on the canvas in smoke, flames and the Gunslingers resurrection making it the perfect artwork for Gunslinger Cigar!

These painting, “Perdition” and “Black Powder”, specifically created for Gunslinger Cigar, are perfectly replicated directly on the cigar box using, state of the art, high resolution printing technology.

Gunslinger-original      BlackPowder-original